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Dear Indianapolis Business Owner,

Have you been happy with the results of your present marketing strategies?

Have you taken a cold, hard look at those strategies and asked yourself "Does the old way of marketing my business still work in the 21st Century?"

If you're not using the power of the Internet and search engine optimization, then...


... you're DEFINITELY leaving money on the table
... A WHOLE LOT of Money!


What's needed is a new, modernized approach to promote and grow your business ... one that truly works!

Let's face it! We live in the age of the Internet. And the Internet has changed everything about our lives, our society, and our businesses.


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Use Internet Marketing to Cut Your Budget and Increase Your Sales


Think about it. When is the last time you needed to look up the phone number and/or location of a business you were in need of? What did you do? Get out the Yellow Pages?

I'm guessing you did NOT!

No, if you're like 99% of consumers today, you went online, did a quick search for the business in question, and...

Voila! -- you had the phone number in a matter of a few seconds!

What are your customers doing to find YOUR business? If you're sinking your advertising dollar in a Yellow Pages listing and NOT in Indianapolis search engine optimization for your website (if you even have one) then guess who your potential clients are going to find?

That's right - Your Competitors!

The same goes for other types of print ads, radio, TV etc. Perhaps these are still effective to some extent. But they're expensive! And in this day and age, they're not nearly as effective as they once were.


We have the Answer!

... the most powerful, economical, small business
advertising techniques available today


We'll get YOUR business found! -- by using specific to Indianapolis search engine optimization -- to get your website in the top search engine rankings.

Don't have a website? Not a problem!

We'll create and direct searchers to a "squeeze page" where you can capture their email address -- so you can email them again and again with information about your business, special offers, etc.

We'll create an Opt-in form to capture their email address... and tie that to a back end eCommerce engine

We'll create a "Special Report" (and design a cover) as a lead generator

We'll set up your eCommerce engine and automated follow-ups

We'll create an initial 3 - 4 weeks of automated follow-up emails to send to your prospects

We'll install and track Analytics tools to track results

We'll submit your web site (or squeeze page domain address) to 100 online directories the first month alone!

We'll create alerts for when your site is mentioned anywhere online

And lots, LOTS more!


If you want your business to survive and thrive in today's economy, then you're going to HAVE to...

STOP! ...

... throwing your money away on marketing and advertising methods
that No Longer WORK!

Find out more

Give me a call right now! ...

for a no-cost, no-hassle -- and no-pressure -- consultation.


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To your great success!

Ben Hanania


NOTE: We take our duty to our clients VERY seriously. For that reason, we can accept a maximum of 2 clients in any given industry within the same zip code area. When we have chosen those 2 clients, we cannot put those clients' rankings at risk by assisting their competitors to attain the same advantages.

However, in the event that your local zip code and industry code slots happen to be taken, we are able to help you by utilizing other very powerful marketing methods: for example, social media marketing, sales and client retention.


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